Monday, July 27, 2009

Pizza num nums

I like mixing things. Call it strange, but i find it highly relaxing. I do not like things that are too incredibly hard to make and are groady tasting. I am a vury picky girl, I expect the best of the best and nothing less. Tonight Katie introduced me to the wonderus numnum that is Pizza Dough mix from Whole Paycheck ermm Whole Foods. We had misplaced the mixer whisks so i took it on by hand. The only hard part about the pizza making process was the spreading of the dough onto the pan, other than that it was pretty easy peazy. Once cooked, I was in pizza heaven; the dough had risen and was gooey, but not too gooey, perfect really. *Visual image of me enjoying/ devouring an extremely thick and doughy pizza square* . I highly recommend this crust!! If you are too lazy to make your own pizza try Amy's Gluten Free Pizza, it's not as tasty but I think you can manage.

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