Thursday, August 6, 2009

My name is Maddy and I like instant breakfast gratification aka CHEX

Food: Honey Nut Chex, Cinnamon Chex
Brand: Food For Life
Store Bought At: Walmart and Safeway
Price: $ 2.50
Worth The Price: YES YES YES
GFCF (Gluten Free/ Casien Free): YES/ Yes to gf, no to cf
Soy Free: Yes/no
Egg Free: Yes
Kid Recommended: vury!
Worth Buying Again: YES!
Stars (Over All/ Out of 5): 4.5
Other Comments: The cinnamon tastes like Cinnamon Life, I am in love.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Brown Rice Bread

Now before the food name turns you off~ this is one of the best GF breads that I have ever tried!

Food: Brown Rice Fruit Juice Sweetened Bread
Brand: Food For Life
Store Bought At: Trader Joes
Price: $ 4
Worth The Price: YES
GFCF (Gluten Free/ Casien Free): YES/ Yes
Soy Free: Yes
Egg Free: Yes
Kid Recommended: Sure
Worth Buying Again: YES!
Stars (Over All/ Out of 5): 4.5
Other Comments: Decent GF bread has been very hard to find! Maddy's mom recommended this to me and I'm glad that she did! It's not frozen and it's already pre- made (YEY! HUGE pluses) and it tastes even better when heated or grilled (it's great for grilled cheese!)

Peace, love, and smiley faces!
~ Katie

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

oogave root beer

Food:Root Beer
Store Bought At: Whole Paycheck
Price: 1.75
Worth The Price: vury
GFCF (Gluten Free/ Casien Free): SI
Soy Free: si
Egg Free:si
Kid Recommended: indeed!
Worth Buying Again: Oh ya big time!
Stars (Over All/ Out of 5): 4
Other Comments:SO NUMBLY! One of the downsides to living gluten free is that we cannot have carmel colouring ( I honestly have no idea why) and when you are in the mood for a nice, cold, refreshing root beer, they can be hard to come by. It tastes like the good ol' stuff too! Well I am pooped! Sleep well all!

Lightning, fire, love, and the occasional comet,

Monday, July 27, 2009

The Name's Katie


I'm Katie.

About 18 months ago, my mom and her sisters started talking about Celiacs Disease. I learned that meant, "no wheat, no barley, no rye", as it caused some not- so- good reactions. I gave it a shot about a year ago, but I was eating this one kind of terrible bread that was a million pounds, wayyy to dry, wayy to thick, and lacked any flavor whatsoever, bread, every day. I didn't try too hard and I gave up 2 or 3 months later. 6 months later, I saw how good my cousin was doing GF and I tasted some of her GF bread, and then decided to give it another try! I gave GF a serious shot and saw how much it cleared up my skin (YEY!), how I wasn't all bloated, and how much clearer my mind was. I also noticed the wonderful feeling of eating GF for multiple days. I also think that it made me have to take less of my ADHD medicine. Over the past 6 months, I have learned that I can't eat gluten for every meal or every day, without feeling nauseous. I can handle some gluten, like a bite of something or a part of a meal, but I can immediately tell if I've eaten it, and I lose that "feeling really good feeling". Cookies are a weakness and I'm on a quest to find amazing GF cookies... can anyone recomend any good ones? xD I've had a few big relapses, but it's all in progress for me.

Peace, love, and smiley faces! :)

~ Katie

Introduction to Maddy-Gramatical errors included

My name is Maddy. I'm an 18 years of age and I have been Gluten Free for the past 4 months. I do not have Celiacs, only A.D.H.D. Yeah, I'm one of those kids, the kind you can distract with a breeze. Four months ago I realized that I HATED taking my meds, I gained a ridiculous amount of weight from them and having to take enough medicine that would be the equivalent of the amount of sedative a baby elephant needs to be tranquilized after it has run rampant for a good 8 hours got to be boring. To many of you that makes no sense, so here is the translation: I took 180 mg of Wellbutrin a day, that is equivalent to what a 250lbs man would take, I am not close to that weight and the mood swings it produced were getting to hard to handle. A few months before I decided to turn gluten/medicine free my friend Katie was telling me about all the pros of being gluten-free. I figured that a life without flour would kill me, 4 months later i am still kicking ( then again I did sneak 2 hush puppies in North Carolina). This blog is for all of you like me looking for an alternative and in need of some help, I know I did when i was starting out. there will always be an occasional rant about how hard it is to be GF in college especially in the South (I'm a California Girl going to North Carolina for school, challenges/hijinks will ensue).
I guess what I'm trying to say is that I am here to help with open arms and full shopping carts.

Lightning, love, fire, and the occasional comet,

Pizza num nums

I like mixing things. Call it strange, but i find it highly relaxing. I do not like things that are too incredibly hard to make and are groady tasting. I am a vury picky girl, I expect the best of the best and nothing less. Tonight Katie introduced me to the wonderus numnum that is Pizza Dough mix from Whole Paycheck ermm Whole Foods. We had misplaced the mixer whisks so i took it on by hand. The only hard part about the pizza making process was the spreading of the dough onto the pan, other than that it was pretty easy peazy. Once cooked, I was in pizza heaven; the dough had risen and was gooey, but not too gooey, perfect really. *Visual image of me enjoying/ devouring an extremely thick and doughy pizza square* . I highly recommend this crust!! If you are too lazy to make your own pizza try Amy's Gluten Free Pizza, it's not as tasty but I think you can manage.

Lighting, love, fire, and the occasional comet,

Pizza Crust Mix

Food: Pizza Crust Mix
Brand: 365
Store Bought At: Whole Foods
Worth The Price:
GFCF (Gluten Free/ Casien Free): May contain traces, processed on share equipment
Soy Free: May contain traces, processed on share equipment
Egg Free: May contain traces, processed on share equipment
Kid Recommended: If the kid is used to GF foods, it will probably be liked.
Worth Buying Again: Yes
Stars (Over All/ Out of 5): 3.75- 4
Other Comments: Very grainy, but that may have been how thick we made our crust. The dough was sticky and hard to work with, but some GF baking powder, it seemed to work OK, although frequent hand powdering was necessary.